The best way to Use Ceramic Tile Nippers

Nippers are not the cleanest or fastest way to reduce tiles but if you if you wish to to make a a tile such as the foundation of a Concepts for designer bathrooms Pittsburgh or pedestal sink, tile nippers can usually do the trick. They perform nail clippers, trimming tiny slivers of tile that is extra off a piece that is bigger. As the shards of ceramic can fly-up at high speeds always use goggles or glasses while utilizing tile nippers.

Mark the line-you plan to reduce on the tile in pencil. Use a grease pencil in the event the tile is too shiny for graphite to stay to it. Use a compass to attract a straight curve if preferred, or semi-circle. Score the tile using a utility knife across the line.

Hold the tile above a trashcan. The edge of the tile glazed-side-up between the prongs of the tile nippers. Pinch the handles of the nippers to clip tiny slivers of tile off.

Snip off 1/2 inch sections of tile until you near the line that is scored. As you get nearer to to avoid eliminating tile than you prepared, take smaller bites. Clip off small slivers of tile over the line, as a result of its its contours.

Sand the edge of the tile with 60-grit sandpaper. This eliminates any edges for security and provides a look to the finished item.